Corrocoat has been providing cost effective anti corrosion methods, materials and engineering rehabilitation expertise for over 30 years and enjoys a proven track record in solving corrosion-related problems throughout industry, operating successfully across five continents from more than thirty locations worldwide.

Corrocoat specializes in the design, manufacture and application of high performance glass flake composite coating systems, providing comprehensive repair and maintenance solutions for customers around the globe.

Corrocoat technical solutions combine advanced corrosion engineering skills and solid technical expertise with total commitment to quality and performance providing long term protection for both new and damaged equipment. 

Corrocoat products and services provide peace of mind to the world's most demanding industries - from oil refineries and offshore rigs to water treatment works, power stations and of course marine. 

It pays to make Corrocoat your first line of defence in the fight against corrosion

Whether you simply want to purchase corrosion protection coatings, have us manufacture spares, new equipment or carry out a turn key project, CALL US